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biological extravergine olive oil marcella giuliani agricola

Biological Extra Vergine Olive oil

Close to the historical vineyards there is the olive-grove that is extended over almost three hectares of hills, where a thousand plants of cultivar are cultivated: Moraiolo, Grignan and Carboncella. Every single step of oil production is relevant, including the healthy contributions of the surrounding microclimate, that makes this oil unique and typical.

The traditional method of harvesting by hand and the daily milling with a “cold” method in a continuous loop, ensures the authentic final product. The oil smells gently fruity and it is dynamic, limpid and fragrant, with a citrusy and yellow flowers notes.

It shows a perfect balance in the taste between being bitter and with a spicy aroma, persistent and graceful. It has been successful for this biological certification and it has won many prizes and recognitions, at regional and national level.

olio extravergine di oliva biologico