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Cesanese del Piglio wine is the only Lazio red wine that has achieved the Denomination of Origin Controlled and Guaranteed (DOCG) and it is emerging more than ever as a passionate, favourite among wine experts.


The production area is in the northern Ciociaria, characterized by hills and mountains with calcareous and rocky ground. The vineyards are in an noble area, since the imperial epoch the viniculture has been passed down the generations for ages thanks to the work of the monasteries and at the moment the Cesanese del Piglio wine DOCG represents one of the most interesting designations in the Center of Italy, having a good potential and right characteristics to be considered a great historical red wine of our Country.

According to the wine market regulations, it is produced from two ancient local autochthonous vineyards: the Cesanese di Affile and the common Cesanese. The first wine is the most precious because it has great structure, it is aromatic, complex and persistent; while the second has similar characteristics to the first one but it is simpler and very intense, frank and direct.


Cesanese del Piglio has a ruby red colour during the first years, but it can change to the pomegranate tone upon its refinement; the aromatic ensemble is strong but elegant, with floral notes and the nasal sensation confirms its small, red fruitiness.

The aroma gives deep and intense sensations on the palate, the tannic sensation is very intense and vigorous. The greater the presence of Cesanese di Affile, the better will be the propensity to for its refinement, with an interesting evolution over time.

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One of most appreciated white vineyards in the whole Adriatic area is the Passerina, that was introduced, several centuries ago, to Ciociaria, creating a very fresh, lively wine with a pleasant savory, spiced taste and with a delicious floral aroma.

When we talk about Passerina we talk about elegance, it brings out instinctive freshness, joined to fragrant perfumes of white peach and pear, with indications of thyme, sage and citrus fruits. All of this is very harmonic and gentle, and the result is a wine that shows great personality and fineness.

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