azienda agricola di marcella giuliani

Our History

The biological agricultural holding of Marcella Giuliani is one of the greatest historical wine-producing in the area of Anagni, (FR) Italy and therefore of Cesanese del Piglio DOCG (Denomination of Origin Controlled and Guaranteed).

It started at the end of the19th century and it was renewed in 2002, from the agricultural family business, to then choosing the biological practices in the production crops, in order to produce wines and (EVO) natural Extra Virgin Olive oil, of absolute territorial value.

It is situated among the sweet and healthy hills of Ciociaria, it relies on a global extension of around 40 hectares, including the vineyards, the olive-groves and a part of wood ceduo. The historical wine cellar is currently equipped with extremely modernized fittings; the places for vinification are adequately predisposed to enhance organoleptic characteristic of the wine.

From the harvest 2015 the wine company has become successful with the presence of Monica Marcucci, a dynamic, passionate woman of wine and wine critic. She matured professionally between the Lazio and Tuscany regions, through relevant technical and commercial experiences and she is now bringing to the wine cellar, a great contribution of energies, competences and modernity.


However, the first goal of the historical cellar is to enhance the distinctiveness of the native grapes of Cesanese di Affile and Passerina wine, through precise viticulture. These two wines had already been famous in the papal courts in the middle ages and been mentioned in the writings of the top poets, transmitting the authenticity and uniqueness of the territory.

cantina marcella giuliani agricola
goccia di vino rosso marcella giuliani cantina e serbatoi
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