Among the gentle Ciociaria hills,
a historic farm

A mission that began way back in the 19th century: to enhance the typicality and quality of native grapes

It comes to life from the renovation carried out in 2002, starting from the family agricultural property, dating back to the end of the 19th century, and immediately choosing to apply organic practices in the cultivation destined to produce wines and natural extra virgin oils, of absolute value, in the territorial character.

40 hectares of biologic cultivation

Located among the sweet and healthy Ciociaria hills, it has a global extension of about 40 hectares, including vineyards, olive groves and a part of coppice.
The current historic cellar is currently equipped with extremely up-to-date systems and equipment; in particular, the vinification premises are adequately prepared to respectfully enhance the organoleptic characteristics of the original material. Since the 2015 harvest, the company has been enriched by the presence of Monica Marcucci, a dynamic and passionate woman of wine, matured between Lazio and Tuscany through significant technical and commercial experiences, and who now brings the necessary contribution to this historic cellar of energy, skills and current events.
However, the primary objective remains that of enhancing, through naturally careful viticulture, the marked typicality of the native Cesanese di Affile and Passerina grapes, already famous in the Middle Ages at the papal courts and in the writings of great poets, transmitting the authentic personality of the territory.
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